Codes of Ethics - 40

ACP Ethics Manual - Link
ACP 10 CME & 10 ABIM MOC pts
QUIZ: ACP Manual
QUIZ: Nursing Code
Belmont Report - 1979
BMA Human Experimentation
Catholic Directive 2009 - Link
Chiropractic Association - Link
Daily Prayer of a Physician - 1793
Declaration of Geneva
Declaration of Helsinki
DHEW Human Experimentation
A Physician’s Ethical Duties - 1770
Five Commandments 1617
Hippocratic Oath
QUIZ: Hippocratic Oath
Hippocratic Oath - Brief History
INOVA: Code of Conduct
QUIZ: INOVA: Code of Conduct
International Code of Medical Ethics
International Council of Nurses - Link
Mentally Retarded Rights - Link
Nuremberg Code - 1946
Osteopathic Association: Ethics - Link
Patient Bill Of Rights: AHA - Link
Patient’s Rights: DHEW 1971
Pediatric Bill of Rights - 1975
Psychriatric Association Ethics - Link
Psyological Association Ethics - Link
Soviet Physician
Terminating Treatment: Grounds For & Against
Venesuelan Code of Ethics - 1918
45CFR46 A (Common Rule)
45CFR46 B (Pregnant, Fetuses, Neonates)
45CFR46 C (Prisoners)
45CFR46 D (Children)
45CFR46 E (IRB Registration)



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