Jeffrey W. Bulger, Ph.D. 

2319 California Avenue Unit A

Great Lakes, Illinois  60088

Cell: 224-507-8222eMail:



Education: Ph.D.: Philosophy, AOS: Biomedical Ethics, Clinical Ethics, and Computer Assisted Education, AOC: History of Philosophy, Ethical Theory, Epistemology, Metaphysics, Logic, and philosophy of science, M.A.: Theology: Multiculturalism and Clinical Ethics, B.S.: Geology/Petroleum Engineering. Dr. Bulger’s education, teaching, research and service experiences have made him a broadly educated person in philosophy, humanities, religion, sciences, and online educational computer technology.

Teaching includes: Biomedical Ethics, Ethics, Ethical Theory, Personal Ethics, Business Ethics, Applied Ethics, Environmental Ethics, Social Political Philosophy, History of Philosophy, World Religions, Logic and Philosophy of Science.

Student Ratings of Instructor—SRIs and RateYourProfessor are exemplary.

Mentoring: 50 students competed nationally and presented throughout the country at NCUR. Student recruitment, success, and retention: also exemplary.



* Creation, migration and implementation of online/hybrid courses and programs as based on cognitive science and experiential learning principles that have empirically shown the maximization of teaching and learning excellence as made evidenced by student engagement, success, and retention. 

* Collaboratively work in the planning, implementation, managing, and evaluation of online programs for the purpose of exemplary online learning and innovative teaching and learning advancement. 

* Instructional design and development, program marketing, scheduling, and utilization of distance learning technologies that are appropriate for respective subject areas, and for meeting the needs of a broad and diverse multicultural worldwide population.  



Ph.D. Philosophy—AOS: Biomedical Ethics, and Computer Assisted Education, AOC: History of Philosophy, Ethical Theory, Epistemology, Metaphysics, University of Tennessee—Knoxville

M.A. Multi-Cultural World Religions: Theology, Western Seminary—Portland

B.S. Geology / Petroleum Engineering, University of North Dakota—Grand Forks



1. Published with McGraw-Hill an eight volume monograph text: Moral Philosophy: A Theoretical and Practical Approach to Moral Decision-Making, 1,100 pages, copyright 2015, along with a complementary Canvas/Connect LMS, for on-line DE courses. 

2. Published with McGraw-Hill - BioEthics: Online & Hybrid 3 credit course, Blackboard, Canvas, & Connect LMS, 2015

3. Published with McGraw-Hill - Ethic & Values: Online & Hybrid 3 credit course, Blackboard, Canvas, & Connect LMS, 2015

4. RED BOOK: Is The Human Subject Exempt From IRB Purview? - Professional Compliance pdf LMS (Ready for publishing)

5. GREEN BOOK: Am I Engaged in Human Subject Research According To CFR? - Profession Compliance pdf LMS (Ready for publishing)

6. BLUE BOOK: Do I Need to Get Informed Consent According to CFR? - Professional Compliance pdf LMS (Ready for publishing)



Plato’s Press — Director 

Mission: Publishing and Promoting Online and Hybrid Education.



1. Professor, Rosalind Franklin University—North Chicago

2. Professor, Utah Valley University—Orem

3. Lecturer, California State University—Chico

4. Assistant Professor, Stetson University—DeLand, FL