A Physician in an

Overseas Hospital

Case Study: Part III

His wish notwithstanding, the patient was again revived by the hospital’s emergency resuscitation team.

His heart stopped on four further occasions during that night, and each time was restarted artificially.

The body then recovered sufficiently to linger for three more weeks, but in a decerebrate state, punctuated by episodes of projectile vomiting accompanied by generalized convulsions.

Intravenous nourishment was carefully combined with blood transfusions and measures necessary to maintain electrolyte and fluid balance. In addition, antibacterial and anti-fungal antibiotics were given as prophylaxis against infection, particularly pneumonia complicating the tracheotomy that had been performed to ensure a clear airway. 

On the last day of his illness, preparations were being made for the work of the failing respiratory center to be given over to an artificial ventilator, but the heart finally stopped before this endeavor could be realized.

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