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26th    National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) at University of Wisconsin

1. Sasha Wakefield: Morality vs. Immorality of Animal Drug Testing


7th Annual Utah Conference on Undergraduate Research UCUR, Utah State University, Logan, Utah

1. Michael M. Washburn: Biting the Hand That Feeds You: Why Economic and Political Aggression Towards Organized Labor Is Unethical and Damages The Economy


25th National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) at Ithaca College, New York

1.     Autumn Lilly-Harari: Veganism, Principlism and the National School Lunch Program.

2.     Karleigh Ellsworth: From Ana and Mia With Love: The Effects of Pro-Anorexia and Pro-Bulimia Websites.


24th National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) at The University of Montana, Missoula

1.     Amanda Putman: No Exercised Autonomy on Food Choices

2.     Christopher Nelson: Food Fads

3.     Pat Runyan: Colony Collapse Disorder: The Extinction of the Honeybee and its Implications on Mankind


23rd Annual NCUR meeting University of Wisconsin, La Cross, Wisconsin

1.    Arthur VanValkenburg: Threatening Treatment

2.    Chad Howz: Principles Gone to Pot

3.    Charles Broadbent: What’s in Your Plastics? A Principlist Approach to Bisphenol A

4.    James Fuqua: The Mapped Human Genome: Pandora’s Box?

5.    Kyle Bowler: Patient Assisted Suicide

6.    Zackary Weber: Insurance Providers versus The Patient:  The Violation of the Biomedical Ethical Principles Protecting the Patient.


3rd Annual Utah Conference on Undergraduate Research UCUR, Hosted by Westminster College, Salt Lake City

1. Caitlin Anderson: Caution: This Paper Is Composed Primarily Of Soy; An Ethical Look At The Use of The Soybean In America

2. LeAnne Tolley: Lights, Cam Action: A Foundation for Physicians of Finesse

3. Craig L. Bounous: Principlism Applied to the Military’s Responsibility of Care

4. Chad Howse: Marijuana and Morality

5. C. Steven Broadbent: What’s in Your Plastics? A Principlist Approach to Bisphenol A


22nd Annual NCUR meeting Salisbury University in Salisbury, Maryland

1.    Whitney May: Circumcision In Today’s Society

2.    Miguel Arturo Saldana: Socialized Medicine: Healthcare For All

3.    Richard Cook: Animal Testing and Principlism in BioMedical Ethics

4.    Craig Bounous: Principlism Applied To The Military’s Responsibility Of Care


2nd Annual Utah Conference on Undergraduate Research UCUR, co-hosted by BYU and UVU at Utah Valley University, Orem, Utah

1. UCUR Whitney May: Circumcision in Today’s Society


Annual Undergraduate Philosophy Conference, Utah Valley University, Orem, Utah, (Each student received a $100 stipend)

1.     J. Eric Gentile: Clinton v Obama v McCain on Healthcare Issues from a Principlistic Approach

2.     Mitchel Martin: Circumcision is Wacked, Keep His Manhood Intact

3.     Chad Howze: Marijuana and Morality

4.     James B. Fuqua: The Mapped Human Genome: Pandora’s Box?

5.     Seth Wright: Healthcare: A Duty to All?

6.     Jake Spencer: Is it okay to smoke with young children in the car?

7.     Sylvia Bentley: Gene Therapy: Capitalism or just classism

8.     Adam K. Gibbons: Surrogate Decision Making


21st National Conference on Undergraduate Research NCUR, Dominican University of California

1.    Austin Miller: The Historical Oath


19th  National Conference on Undergraduate Research NCUR, Virginia Military Institute and Washington and Lee University, Lexington, VA

1.    Lyndee Litchfield:  Doctrine of Right in the War with Iraq

2.    Arron Medford:  The Philosophy of sales from a Kantian Perspective

3.    Arron Medford:  Circumcision

4.    Damon MacArthur: Kantian Ethics and the Morality of Terrorism

5.    Jeffrey Barth: The Democratic Liberty of Iraq

6.    Jake Pead: Immanuel Kant and Global Warming Measures

7.    Samuel Harrison: Immanuel Kant & The Destruction of Theocratic Governments

8.    Trevor W. Hill:  Land Acquisition and Ownership in Restricted area of Mexico

9.    Ryan Albrecht:    Liberation for the oppressed

10.    Ryan Albrecht:    Women and Social Reform in Boston


18th  National Conference on Undergraduate Research NCUR, Lafayette, Easton, PA

1.    Jared Sumsion: Complementary and Alternative Medicine

2.    Ray E. Webb: Aquinas Supports The Weed

3.    Rebeka Dewey: The Right to Die: Six Criticisms Against the Creation of Living Wills


17th  National Conference on Undergraduate Research NCUR, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah

1.    Sam Taylor: Ticking Bombs and Truth Serums: Ethics and Interrogation at Guantanamo Bay

2.    Spencer Gale: NOTA HHS HRSA OSP DoT OAB URREA UNOS OPTN: The Transplant Organization And How It Works For The Patient

3.    Swen Swenson: The Truth About Therapeutic Cloning

4.    Julie Johnson: Elective Fetal Tissue Research



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